Resources & Documents

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

MYalliance invites and welcomes all youth and family serving systems as well as community members and private agencies to join the System of Care initiative, working to create a coordinated, responsive, integrated system of youth and family services.

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Cross-System Manual

The MYalliance Cross System Manual is a comprehensive guide to navigating Muskegon County's youth-serving systems including child welfare, juvenile justice, children's mental health and education systems.

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Report to the Community

In March of 2019, youth, families and communty providers presented the MYalliance Report to the Community. During this gathering, data was shared for youth enrolled in the System of Care. The report also yielded community data showing the need for enhancing Muskegon's system of care for youth and families.

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Youth & Family Referral Guide

This youth and family referral guide includes information on:Community services for youth and families, resilience building resources, a list of food pantries, support groups and more.

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2020 Training Calendar

When youth, parents and agency staff participate in shared learning opportunities, collaboration, understanding and transformation occur. MYalliance System of Care offers several trainings free of charge to the community to gain skills and knowledge in a shared learning environment.

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Accomplishments to Date

During the March 2018 Report to the Community, a list of accomplishments were shared for the MYalliance System of Care's community impact thus far. Stay tuned for new data to be released early 2019.

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MYalliance Strategic Plan

The MYalliance strategic plan centers on goals of more effectively serving Muskegon County youth and families, increasing access to services and creating a replicable approach to improve service delivery to youth and families across the State of Michigan. 

The current plan is being revised and will be published early 2019.