We enhance the infrastructure of child-serving systems to operate in alignment with System of Care values. Our strategies include:
  • Provide training & education via MYalliance Learning Institute
  • Maintain a strong and diverse Governance Team
  • Support implementation of the Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF) in schools
  • Deepen partnerships with community & faith-based partners
  • Align community efforts, convene and facilitate teams
  • Provide support for DEI efforts
  • Share annual Report to the Community
  • Update and formalize Memorandums of Understanding including shared policies and procedures
  • Facilitate Enhanced Partners quality improvement process
  • Assist in shared integration mapping and needs assessment
  • Promote, support and share community resources

Submit your agency's system and policy changes

One of the ways we measure the impact of MYalliance is by tracking system changes in the community that align with the System of Care values.

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