MYalliance is Family Driven

MYalliance is family driven... meaning parents play a vital role in transforming the systems that serve their family. Family voice is heard and implemented throughout policy, program development, and service delivery. Services are “done with” the family, rather than “done to” the family. The family is seen as the constant in the youth’s lives, and professionals are seen as most effective when supporting the family.

Parent Engagement Opportunities

The opportunities shown here all occur on a regular basis.  To find out when, Click here for the calendar of upcoming opportunities to connect and engage.  Or contact Kevin Schmidt at (231) 638-9720

Koffee with Kevin

Meet the MYalliance Lead Family Contact, Kevin Schmidt, and share your experiences working with youth serving systems.

Lead Free Families

Learn more about your child’s lead number, what resources are available, how your child will be impacted, and meet others who have had lead exposure in their families. Contact Katey Gunderson at 231-286-7252 to learn more.

Family Consultants

Family consultants are a critical piece of developing our system of care. Click here to visit our Family Consultant page and learn more about engaging or becoming a family consultant

Contact the MYalliance Lead Family Contact, Kevin Schmidt

Kevin Schmidt,, (231) 638-9720

The MYalliance System of Care Lead Family Contact is here to facilitate systems changes driven by parents and families, build capacity for parent and family engagement, and support parents and family members of children and youth with complex needs in Muskegon County. This could include parents of children who are receiving mental health or special education services, who are involved in the juvenile justice or child welfare system, foster or adoptive parents, or parents who are struggling with their own mental health concerns.

Services provided by Kevin:
  • Supervises, coaches, and supports MYalliance family consultants
  • Connects parents/family members to community resources and opportunities for parent engagement, leadership development, advocacy, committee involvement, social connection, and training
  • Helps connect parents with each other to form social support networks
  • Delivers training, technical assistance and consultation for families and agencies in the areas of parent voice and family driven care
  • Problem solves with parents and/or agency partners when encountering barriers to accessing services and supports
  • Encourages feedback from parents and help parents and system partners utilize feedback for continuous quality improvement
  • Assists and support parents in navigating child serving systems
  • Helps resolve conflicts between parents and professionals
  • Offers one-on-one and group support to parents and family members
  • Connects parents with lived experience to committee involvement and other leadership opportunities
  • Coordinates and links to family friendly activities in the community