Help transform the way youth in Muskegon County receive services!

MYalliance has a governance board and several committees that help direct the activities of the initiative. Youth, parents and youth-serving staff from around Muskegon County make up these various teams. Those interested in getting more engaged are encouraged to join one of the committees and help further the work of MYalliance.

Additionally, by attending coss-system trainings, becoming better educated on the system of care model and philosophy, and helping to build a more trauma-informed community... you're already involved! 

Want to learn more about opportunities for engagement? Reach out to us!

MYalliance Committees available for youth and parent involvement

Governance Board: Provides oversight, decision making, strategic planning and sustainability planning for the Muskegon County system of care. For more information, contact Lauren Meldrum at 231-332-3812.

BOOM Youth Leadership Team: BOOM consists of youth served by the system of care. This group serves to develop leadership and advocacy skills and advises the Governance Board on implementing youth guided practices at system, practice and service levels. For more information, contact Andre Williams at231-740-7159.

Social Marketing Team: Cross-system committee responsible for creating and implementing the social marketing plan for communicating system of care messaging throughout child-serving systems and the community. For more information contact Cece Riley at 231-683-9846

Evaluation Team: This team creates and advises the local evaluation for systems of care, chaired by Public Sector Consultants. For more information, contact Lauren Meldrum at 231-332-3812

MYalliance Service Design Team: This group meets the first Thursday or every month from 3:00-4:30pm. It is designed to help plan for and develop the following services: Crisis residential unit; crisis stabilization unit; respite services; therapeutic foster care. Contact Lauren Meldrum at 231-332-3812

Mobile Response and Stabilization Team: Responsible for planning and development of countywide mobile response unit. Contact Lauren Meldrum at 231-332-3812


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