MYalliance names a new

Project Manager, Helen Dobb 

Helen Dobb has worked in various youth and family serving roles in Muskegon County over the past 20 years, with her most recent employment at HealthWest. Helen serves on the executive board of the Child Abuse Council of Muskegon County, participating in many volunteer opportunities connected to fundraising. Helen is also in her fourth year as a Girls on the Run Coach. Helen is passionate about youth- and family-serving systems working together to influence system change in partnership with parents, youth, and young adults.

Koffee with Kevin

Are you interested in joining a group of parents who have been involved in youth- and family-serving systems? Do you hope to find like-minded parents that hope to produce a change in the community?
Please join MYalliance Lead Family Contact Kevin Schmidt for Koffee with Kevin every Tuesday from 10-11:30 am at Russ’ on East River Road!

MYalliance is increasing collaboration with HealthWest youth partners

Would you like to learn more about MYalliance and increase collaboration with youth-serving partners across Muskegon County? Please contact Helen Dobb for more information about MYalliance and Systems of Care.


Working with Hackley Community Care to rebrand their marketing materials. BOOM has partnered with Hackley Community Care over the past year to ensure its facilities are youth and young-adult-friendly.


HealthWest School-Based Services 

HealthWest School-Based Services has hired a new School-Based Supervisor, David Davis. David will support all districts involved with System of Care: Holton, Montague, Oak Ridge, Orchard View, and Muskegon Public Schools. School-based services are always looking for clinical support for Master Level Clinicians. Click here to complete a letter of interest.

Livability Lab

MYalliance participated in three Livability Lab experiences over 100+ days to help produce a change in Muskegon County. The Livability Lab originated in 2019 to help create a system that ensures livability for all Muskegon County residents around elements of Education, Health, Economic Opportunity, Social Connection and Trust, and Safety and Security. Members from the community attend this event to brainstorm ways to meet gaps in services across Muskegon County. The health disparities are based on previously gathered WellVille and CHIR data.

Team 3: Parent Villages

The goal of this lab was to implement the Parent Village concept as a means of providing additional support for parents in our community. The team completed three entire parent villages as a proof of concept, including four weekly meetings facilitated by trained challenge team members. The team identified groups typically not included in parent conversations, such as women in the Muskegon County Jail. The team recently completed its third parent village of 14 people. If you want to become involved in Parent Villages, please contact Kevin Schmidt.

Team 5: Muskegon Heights Explorers

This lab aimed to better understand what career readiness supports exist at Muskegon Heights Academy and how the team could build upon them. The successes were celebrated by linking the school with community and agency support to help with career and college readiness. The team was able to suggest multiple field trips for Muskegon Heights Academy based on career readiness. A new relationship between the MAISD and Muskegon Heights Academy was created. If you are interested in supporting Muskegon Heights Explorers, please contact Helen Dobb.

Team 9: New Generation of Leaders

This civil leadership lab was designed to bring young adults together and identify problems in their school and community while working toward actionable items to address these concerns. Youth groups in the community were identified to brainstorm. Participants included PathfindersBoys and Girls Club of Muskegon and BOOM Youth. Data sources were produced to share with the youth for review to target areas of improvement. The youth identified the top areas needing to be addressed as: women’s health care issues, gentrification, gun violence, the pipeline to prison, and ongoing mental health concerns in the community. If you want to support the New Generation of Leaders, please contact Andre Williams.

Fathers Matter

Are you a father figure looking for community support? Sign up for Father’s Matter by using the QR code for each training within the series!